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Frequently Asked Questions

Anybody can use 42 Education and our activities are freely accessible to anyone. All you need is access to a computer, smartphone or tablet computer with a current browser, an internet connection, and, of course, a desire to learn.

To sign up, create a 42 Education account and then register for the activities of your choice. Sign in and get started right now. Signing in gives you the ability to track your own progress and earn points and badges.

If you don’t have a 42 Education account, you can sign up for one in a few steps:

    • Go to 42 Education
    • If you see the signup form, fill out your name, email address or phone number, password, birthday and gender. If you don’t see the form, click Sign Up, then fill out the form.
    • Click Sign Up.
    • Once you sign up, you’ll need to confirm your email address or phone number. We’ll send you either an email or a text message to help you confirm your account.

Get help if you didn’t receive a mobile confirmation code or if you didn’t receive your confirmation email.

You will find a “Forgot password?” link under the Password field on the Login screen. Click this link and enter your email address. We will send a message that will allow you to reset your password.
Yes! Our engineering team is awesome and 42 Education fully supports access with mobile devices and tablet computers. If you find components of the platform that do not work in your mobile device or tablet computer please let us know it here.
Our learning platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above.
42 Education is building an inclusive learning platform that promotes accessibility to anyone, including kids with learning disabilities. Such platform personalizes education understanding students strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences allowing them to advance towards their individual learning goals at their own pace, with learning materials that are catered to each learner’s interests and motivations.
Two easy steps will get you started:

    • Sign in or sign up! You and the learners you mentor or teach each need accounts for you being able to track their progress. Make sure your students add you as their mentor / teacher so you can better support their learning.
    • With your account ID you will be able to sign in into 42insights and access to your students progress information.

More questions: Submit a request

Thank you for your interest in implementing 42 Education in your school. Please submit the following application form or email Alex and we will get back to you in 2 business days.More questions: Submit a request
To partner up as a content provider with 42 Education you can get in touch with Jeroen. He will discuss all the details and help you out setting up your account. He will also introduce you to an account manager in your country to make it even easier.
Yes, you can mail us with any questions that you might have and we guarantee a reply in 24 hours. Furthermore, we are working on an extensive knowledge base with articles about how to set up the product, how to implement them in your lesson plans and more.
Yes, we strive to provide our products to the widest group of people possible. If there is a specific language you need, you can contact us and we will try to integrate it as soon as possible.