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आपण छान आहेत! आपण खरोखर हे वाचू शकता.

This is what 880 million people around the world see when they try to read English, French, or any language for that matter. 80 million of them are children. We are trying to change this, by creating an app that lets you learn how to read, write and code, using a cross-platform app and a personalized program just for you.

Yes, you’ll also learn how to code, because just 5% of the developed world can read, understand or at least vaguely comprehend the increasingly important languages in our hyperconnected world – programming languages.

Furthermore, we recognize that each student is different, that each student has different needs and that each students learns in its own way. This is why we create a personalized study program, just for you, using intelligent algorithms.

And whether it’s an Android tablet, a Chromebook or a sturdy old desktop computer, you’ll be able to use our app, as we’re working hard to ensure that we support as many platforms as possible, reaching people and impacting lives from all over Africa, Latin America and the rest of our world.